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  Welcome to BrewO2 coffee Family Story!

    We are Daniel and Naylee Gonzalez, owners of this company and Lucky parents!

Daniel has been a police officer for a little more than 7 years; still is and Naylee was working in HR for Cleveland Clinic until bedrest. 
   Naylee fell in love with coffee at a very young age, because of her mother. Together they made coffee all the time, different flavors and different machines or no machine at all. As she got older they started exploring different coffee shops and growing an amazing bond Naylee Hopes to have with her daughter. Naylees mom suffered a stroke and is still recovering day by day. During that time we got pregnant and were ecstatic; we suffered a lot of infertility prior. 14 weeks into the pregnancy Naylees water broke However Zolas heart beat was still strong for months to come with very little fluid this is called PPROM. They were devastated. Daniel and Naylee Decided to fight for their unborn child. Naylee was put on bed rest for 4 months at the hospital and at 28 weeks and 3 days Zola was born at 2lbs 7oz barley breathing on her own. Their hands were bigger than their miracle baby.  Zola was sent to the NICU and had lots of medical needs such as needing oxygen until the age of 2. They fought hard until and she came home 6 months later. Due to Zolas needs Daniel stayed at work but Naylee left the corporate world and Daniel encouraged Naylee to build something for herself, something that we wouldn't have to explain to anyone why we couldn't go in that day or why we were in the hospital so much thus BREWO2 was formed June of 2020! 

Long term success means being able to help our family, specifically the two that are the meanings behind our name. 
A coffee cart that specialize in catering events indoor and outdoor.

And Now a coffee shop.


We want to have great conversations, while having great coffee and fun, unique drinks! 

We have put everything into this business and
We hope you will enjoy it and become part of the BrewFam!

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