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About us

Naylee and Daniel Gonzalez and with the help of a couple of amazing family members, BrewO2LLc was born.

Daniel and Naylee are a young couple that 
Came across a lot of tragedy in a very short time span and in that came BrewO2llc. 
The name comes from Naylee’s childhood she use to “Brew” coffee with her mom (who is recovering from a very rare disease that caused a stroke) who is still trying to recover.
Together they made coffee all the time, different flavors and different machines or no machine at all and as she grew they went to different coffee shops tasting the amazing craft. Naylee fell in love with coffee. 
After years of being together and buying their first home. The couple got pregnant and was ecstatic! 14 weeks into being pregnant Naylee’s water broke and the couple was devastated. Daniel and Naylee Decided to fight for their unborn child. Naylee was put on bed rest for 4 months at the hospital and at 28 weeks Zola was born 2lbs and 7 Ounces.
She fought hard and she came home 6 months later on oxygen and because of that O2 its our O2 comes from.
We are a coffee trailer and we are expanding. We wants to spread conversation, as well as great coffee and wild drinks! 

We have put everything into this business and
We hope you will enjoy it and our amazing coffee.


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